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Lake systems are designed to adequately handle a 25-year storm event. This is a storm event, which involves approximately 12 inches of rain in a 72-hour period. The lake system is not designed just to receive and convey the storm water but to also store and improve the storm water quality. The lake system is divided into drainage basins. These basins usually consist of a series of interconnected lakes that receive storm water run-off from the surrounding area and store that storm water to a certain control elevation. While the storm water is staged in these basins it seeps into the surrounding ground and is stored for future use. Additionally, sediments and impurities are allowed to settle out, be absorbed by aquatic plants or broken down by natural bacteria in the lake thus improving the storm water quality. Once the water has been stored up to the designed control elevation it will flow over a weir or control structure for that particular area of the community. The storm water then continues downstream through the system and eventually exits the community.

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The lake shore (or littoral zone) is the shallow area along the shoreline of a lake or pond which supports diverse communities of rooted plants and serves as food, habitat and protective shelter for fish, insects, amphibians and other aquatic animals. These diverse plant communities also provide cover and nesting materials for a variety of wild birds and mammals. Management of littoral zones is often necessary in systems altered by humans.

Typical littoral zone problems associated with human activities include:
    ■Shoreline erosion
    ■Algal blooms due to input of excess nutrients
    ■Overgrowth of invasive exotic plants
    ■Removal of protective vegetation needed for fish habitat and cover

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One of the responsibilities of the CDD is managing and servicing the irrigation delivery system for Laguna Lakes which includes source water, pumps, main lines, service lines, clocks, and valve boxes. If you are not receiving water as scheduled or experiencing low water pressure, please contact Premier District Management for service and repair. See contact information above.

The Parcel Associations (Neighborhood Associations) are responsible for servicing and maintaining the sprinkler systems on individual parcels. This includes sprinklers heads and irrigation pipes located on individual parcels. If you wish to report damaged sprinkler heads, risers, rotors, pipes or are experiencing water distribution issues on your parcel, please contact your Parcel Association for service and repair.

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